Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creating My Blog

I am glad that I decided to try setting up my first blog using the Blogger website.  I would definitely feel comfortable recommending it to other people who want to create a blog.

I found it easy to get setup. I just picked the first template offered – the word “simple” sounded like a good idea for a beginner. I was a bit puzzled by signing up for Google and signing up for Blogger but I just used same password for both. I was pleased that I could use “Anonymous” for my postings.

I realized after my 1st posting that the blog automatically adds the date and my Username so I won't duplicate that any more.  I considered editing my 1st post but I decided to let it stand for now, so you can see I learnt something.

I noticed that the time was wrong after I made my first post and still wrong when I posted a comment, just to have a comment appear. It was obvious that I had to change the time zone and once I did that, I was pleased to see the times were OK.  Granted it was a trivial change, but it still felt like an achievement to me. 

I was surprised that people have to do that themselves because I think that IP addresses reveal locations.  At present, my blog does not add the initials for the time zone after the time. 

I wonder how people who use blogs feel about the time issue because people on the internet are from all over the world.  I think by correcting the time that I have inadvertently revealed my location and I'm not sure that was wise - maybe I should have chosen a different time zone that covers more places in the world.

I subscribed to my own blog just to make sure it works OK and as a learning experience.
I looked at LiveJournal and considered also setting up a blog there just as a learning experience. I did not like the site asking for birthdate.  I did not want to reveal my correct birthdate to LiveJournal even though I expected to be able to hide it from my public profile.  I want to avoid Identity Theft.

However, I didn't even get past the Username because everything I put in resulted in being told “Sorry, this username is already in use”.  Maybe when I can think up some more usernames, I might try it again. 

I want to use something that is unisex, and totally non-descriptive so my personality only comes across in my writing with no interpretations / connotations made due to the username.  After all, when I read what other people post on the internet, I take notice of their choice of username and often think I'd be reluctant to respond to anyone using that username (or that image) even when I admired their comment.

I am concerned why anyone is offering free webpages or free blogs to people. It gives the provider access to whatever people post – sometimes forever.  I don't see how blogger makes any money for Google by letting me build this website - unless ads start popping-up after some time passes.

I have learned that I can compose my post in my regular software and copy & paste it into the compose box for my blog. 

I have already previewed this many times and each time changed / edited my text.  I have noticed and been glad that the software is automatically saving my draft regularly so I don't have to worry about timing out and losing what I've written.
My next post will be about blogs and libraries.

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