Sunday, October 17, 2010

Added Amazon Search 2.0 box on my sidebar

I added Amazon Search 2.0 box on my sidebar.

There are various choices of how the Amazon Search 2.0 box looks/functions.
I might try another choice trying to get closer to look/function of the classic Amazon search box.

I prefer the look & function of the classic version that I added at the top of this blog.
Personally, I like going directly to the actual site from the search box.
However, I would like it to do so by opening a new tab so it was easier for people to return to my blog.

I don't enjoy using my sidebar Amazon Search box even though it works.
It reminds me of a cell phone display and I want full page display.
I didn't like paging thru lists of 4 items when I searched for "Stephen King".
When I eventually saw "The Shining" listed and clicked on it, then I was taken to full Amazon page in a new tab.

I want to immediately go to the Amazon site in a new tab.

I'll play with both Amazon Search boxes for a while and decide what to keep.

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