Sunday, October 17, 2010

Added classic Amazon Search Widget at the top of my blog

I just added the classic Amazon Search widget at the top of my blog.
"Any search typed into the search box will redirect users to Amazon search results page."

The following webpage offers you 2 choices of Amazon Search widgets.

I tested it and it works.  It was instant when I typed "Stephen King" and clicked "GO".
However, if you click on the down arrow, you can select from one of the many product categories - books is just one category available.  I choose "Shoes" and then typed "sandals" and it worked.

"Search 2.0 or Search Box. Search 2.0 lets users view search results without ever leaving your page."
That might be more suitable but I did not want to resize it (yet) - it looks very large.
I might experiment with it another day.
It would be easier then for people to return to my blog after their Amazon searches.

I did not signup to become an Amazon Associate, so I will not earn any referral fees.

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