Friday, October 29, 2010

Blog List Gadget

I really liked the Blog List of our classmates that Shelley added to her blog.
Thanks very much, Shelley, - I really think it is wonderful!

This evening, I added a Blog List gadget filled with my classmates' blogs.
The setup makes it easy to import my RSS subscriptions from Google Reader.
Much more convenient than adding feeds one at a time.

I chose to have ICON, Title of most recent item and Date of last update.

For Sorting, I chose the order of Most Recently updated.

I don't know why the Blogger ICON only shows for every 2nd blog.

Now I have all of my classmates' RSS Feeds listed in 4 places:
  • Internet Explorer Feeds
  • FeedDemon aggregator
  • Google Reader aggregator
  • on my blog in this My Classmates' Blog list

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