Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying Reading the Blogs of All My Classmates


I just thought I'd let all of you know that I am enjoying reading the blogs of each of my classmates and look forward to reading any future posts that you make.

From the beginning of this course, I tried to find your blogs by surfing.  When I found one of my classmates' blogs - I subscribed.

After our instructor provided us with the name of all of our blogs, I subscribed to each blog - first just using Internet Explorer's Feed list, then added all of you to FeedDemon and then uploaded the OPML file of our class to Google Reader.   So now, I follow your Feeds in 3 places.

I don't want you to feel disappointed that I am not a Follower on any of your blogs.  I was briefly a Follower on one blog.  I didn't like the clutter of posts on my blog that resulted from following.   I am already reading all your posts in one Feed list and also viewing them, marking as read, in 2 other places - that's enough.   I don't yet know why it would be advantageous to have a Reader's list on my blog when I already have 3 lists of Feeds that I have subscribed to and now have to keep up to date with.

I have subscribed to many other RSS Feeds and am not a Follower on any of them either.  Sometimes - but not always - I have created a post mentioning that I subscribed to a Feed.  I only follow these Feeds in my Internet Explorer Feed list.  I am still content with using Internet Explorer rather than the RSS aggregators.

I just don't know (yet) if there is a way to let you know that I am following without getting more of the same posts on my blog.  If you know how to do it, please let me know. 

Some of you are listed as Followers on my blog.  Aren't you also getting clutter of posts now on your blog when you sign in - posts that you are already reading and marking as read in whatever RSS aggregator you chose ?

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