Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Google Search Box does Internet searches but does NOT yet search my Blog - also Labels not setup yet

This morning I added a gadget - a Google search box - at the top of my Blog page.
The search box functions for Google searches on the Web, but so far, does not work for searching my blog.

I also added another gadget - Labels - on the right hand side above my Blog Archive but I have not done anything with it yet.  I liked the Labels gadget on other blogs that I have been looking at.  I expected to see the word "Labels" but I don't yet.  I'll sort out how to create labels sometime this week or next.

I had to change my settings for the following questions to get my search gadget.
Add your blog to our listings?
Let search engines find your blog?

When I first setup my blog, I only intended it to be available for my classmates and my instructor.
However, now I would be OK with other people reading and commenting on my blog.
I will look at the websites/blogs of anyone who comments.

I am not yet satisfied with my search box.  I want it to be centered at the top of the page with a much smaller input area for search text.  I have looked at the source code but I am not yet ready to make changes there.

Maybe Google has not found my blog yet.
I'll check now & then over the next few days to see if it starts working for searches for my blog.
If not, I'll have to sort out why it is not functioning.

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