Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing catch-up with Amazon should NOT be called "Content Enrichment"

Playing catch-up with Amazon should NOT be called "Content Enrichment" by librarians in 2010.

Why would we spend time and money NOW to essentially attempt to copy what is already been done so well - and is free and familiar to our patrons ?

Why not just provide convenient links - to Amazon and other cutting-edge sites - for our patrons ?

I think we need to understand how Amazon was able - years ago - to do what it did so well.  Amazon has done so many things that were Firsts and has raised forever readers' expectations.

Libraries have NOT been leading change - just very slowly following - which is very strange when you think about it.  Libraries had centuries of experience dealing with content, publishers and patrons - but it wasn't libraries that revolutionized content for readers.

I think it is important for someone on library staff to keep up-to-date regarding at least Amazon's public statements re the future.  Someone needs to be wondering what ideas are being developed that we have not heard about yet.

I have always been interested in what Steve Jobs of Apple was thinking.  So let us look for what he would call "the next insanely great idea".

In July this year, Amazon announced that it was selling more e-books than hardcover books.
What will the public be looking for libraries to provide now and in the future ?

 Amazon's ebook milestone: digital sales outstrip hardbacks for first time in US
Amazon US says it has sold 143 digital books for every 100 hardbacks in the last three months


Gillian said...

Really provocative post. I think your idea of keeping up with the innovations of Amazon, who have development resources far beyond that of libraries.

I'm really enjoying your blog posts; great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for your comment.
It was exciting to receive the notification email in my MUN Webmail yesterday.

Delay in responding was due to me having difficulty posting comments.

It is important to me that readers actually find my blog posts interesting.

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