Thursday, October 21, 2010

Printed the Articles used in Assign 2 Part B to read some time

Tonight I started to access the 5 articles of Assign # 2 Part B for which we are to submit article level links to learn about Deep Linking.

My first reaction when I saw the list was to notice that none were 2010 articles.
Only one article was library related.
The other 4 are from a variety of topics - Labor Studies, Economics & Sociology, Theatre, and World Politics. - all topics that interest me. 

It's irrelevant to our learning about Deep Linking - still someone chose these particular 5 articles out of all the possible articles that MUN has access to.  It is very difficult for a person or a even computer system with a complex  algorithm to actually behave in a totally random manner.  It spiked my curiosity.

I decided to print the library article because it should be useful for Assignment # 3 re XML.

I found myself reading the pdf for the Economics & Sociology article so I decided to print it and read it later.  In fact, that's what I'm going to do with all 5 of the articles.

So tomorrow I'll resume actually working on my assignment.

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