Sunday, October 3, 2010

Subscribed to Roy Tennant's Blog - Digital Libraries - at Library Journal

I loved Roy Tennant's style of writing from the moment that I first read his 2001 article;
"Cross-Database Search:  One-Stop Shopping"

Mr. Tennant made a remark in the first paragraph of that article that I immediately put in my list of favourite quotations:

"after all, isn't it true that only librarians like to search ?  Everyone else likes to find."

I just subscribed to RSS Feed for Roy Tennant's Blog - Digital Libraries - at Library Journal.

I was delighted to see his name on one of the required readings for the MUN LIBS2606 course that I am presently taking.

This is my 8th of the 10 courses required to get my Certificate in Library Studies.
I always read the "required readings" or "recommended readings" for my courses.
I try to make an effort to remember the author's names when I read something that they wrote.

I don't know when I'll get the time to read all of them - 98 articles listed - but I put a link in my favourites for his "Digital Library" columns 1997-2007.

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