Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Software to create Class Schedules for Students

The 2 friends that I mentioned in my Post "Twelve Tips for Managing Geeks" created a class selection program approx. 40 years ago at Dal U. that printed out possible weekly schedules based on the courses that a student friend was taking and the student's preferences for day/time classes.

They would put a limit on how many possible weekly schedules would be printed - based on whether they did it for free or for pay.

We thought it was wonderful.  Otherwise it was time-consuming to use pencil and paper trying to sort out what combination of classes suited you best. 

At first, you are happy to come up with one schedule that has no conflicts so you know you can really take the courses that you want to take that term.  Then you start thinking that certain day(s) look kind of heavy loaded or that you want (or don't want) early morning classes or classes on Friday afternoon etc.  So you start trying to create more optimal schedules.  You still would miss some possible combinations because there were so many choices for each course.

Maybe such a convenient tool is somewhere on the MUN website but I haven't found it yet.  If anyone knows, I'd appreciate knowing how to find it.

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