Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why the Umbrella & Stormy Sky in picture on MUN's new Undergrad website ?

MUN has redesigned their webpage for recruiting new Undergrad students.

I am totally puzzled as to how/why the university chose a picture of a woman wearing a long cloth raincoat and holding a red umbrella who is striding - away from the viewer - across a bright green grassy hill towards a stormy looking sky/future.

The green grassy hill even reminds me of the default desktop image for Windows XP.  However, MS has a bright blue sky and some white clouds.  What's with the green grassy hill - not what comes to mind when you think of Newfoundland - unless you looking at golf courses - maybe Kentucky or Ireland ?

Makes no sense to me.  I can't imagine why MUN would think it would increase recruiting by giving people from away the idea that we have bad weather here.  Bring a raincoat and umbrella !

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