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Print from SmartPhones & Laptops using PrintSpots
Here is a small Print Screen View of the webpage - it grabs your attention !
Click on the link above to see how well designed this website is.
Click a link "to see how easy it is to print from a BlackBerry smartphone." 
If you scroll down, I listed the webpages that I looked at.
Note: although the header on this webpage targets BlackBerry users - as the text on this webpage says and as the videos in small print say - you can use "any SmartPhone" and you can also use a laptop.

When I took BUSI2000 back in 2007-08 Spring term, I chose to write my report on the BlackBerry.  Most important people at work have BlackBerry devices.  Having any other device is a sign of lower status.  I take a special interest in any news re BlackBerry.

It makes sense that patrons with BlackBerry devices have status wherever they go.  Hotels, airports and libraries will be expected to provide whatever services are technically possible.

Libraries will be expected to allow these patrons to print from their BlackBerry devices, other Smartphones and laptops.  It will be another expense for a library to provide a PrintSpot - see link below as there are 3 ways to do this.  Ad states there are already 1000 PrintSpots in the USA and that 150 libraries have PrintSpots.

It works great.  You easily locate & connect with the PrintSpot printer of your choice over the internet and receive a secure release code.  You or someone at the PrintSpot location just enters the release code and it then prints whatever you sent to the printer.  Not only can the user print what he wants and have it not actually print until he is standing by the printer, it is possible for a person to tell someone else the code if they wanted another person to receive the print.  It is secure in that only a person with the code gets the print.

I watched 3 demos at this webpage.

Webpage tells/shows how easy it is to locate a PrintSpot printer.

PrintSpots in Libraries

"PrinterOn, the Defacto Wireless Printing Solution in Public Libraries?"
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3 ways to have a PrintSpot in your library

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