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Read Stephen Page's speech - "maximum controls" by Publishers re libraries lending e-books

As shown below, I followed links from until I got to the actual text of the speech 21 Oct 2010 by Stephen Page, CEO Faber re "maximum controls" by publishers re libraries lending e-books.

Not all publishers will enforce "maximum controls".  However, note under "maximum controls", patrons will have to actually be in the library to download e-books.  Also if another patron has downloaded a particular e-book, it will be as if that book has been checked out.
November 12, 2010 - 4:47pm — Bibliofuture

For the full article that lisnews item refers to - see the following webpage:
Will Your Local Library Lend E-Books? (Or Can They?)
Published: November 11, 2010

Here's the link where you get to the actual speech:

PA sets out restrictions on library e-book lending
Benedicte Page

Scroll down to read the actual speech - then you can keep scrolling and read some comments posted after the speech.
Joint speech by Stephen Page, CEO Faber
and Miranda McKearney, Director of The Reading Agency
Public Library Authorities conference
 21 October 2010

QUOTE:  ( Red bolding is mine. )
Firstly the fee paid by a library in purchasing a book covers the right to loan one copy, of one book, to one individual, for a fixed short term period at any given time – various licensing models exist to support this condition.

Secondly, robust and secure geographical-based membership must be in place for all library services, with permanent members required to demonstrate their residence within the locality and with provisions to cater for temporary membership for visitors.

Thirdly, the system works on a download model, whereby library users come on to the library’s physical premises and download an e-book at a computer terminal onto a mobile device, such as an e-reader, laptop or mobile phone.

Finally, a downloaded e-book will expire after a predetermined length of time (e.g. two weeks), after which it will cease to be available to read on the library user’s mobile device.

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