Friday, November 12, 2010

Send/Receive Faxes as Emails - Video Tutorial

I recommend viewing the short video tutorial re "faxes as email" that is located about half way down this webpage.

The video uses Google to find the choices that exist for "faxes as email".
Three options are mentioned & shown - eFax, nextiva and RingCentral.

You can get 30 day free trial of efax.  The speaker uses efax himself.  He uses efax in the video to show you the features. 

As advantages, he mentions the following:
  • it's quick & easy - convenient
  • cost is less - perhaps only half the cost of regular faxes
  • Faxes can be saved in your choice of various formats- pdf, tif or efx.
  • there is no machinery (fax machine) involved
  • you don't get junk faxes which are often rec'd on a regular fax machine

I'd like to give the speaker proper credit for making this video.  His voice is clear and is easy to listen to throughout the video.  However, I only know that his first name is Mike.  I'm not sure if he says Callahan - or something similar - for his last name.  I don't know why but I was not successful in trying to leave a comment on his webpage.  I tried twice but nothing seemed to happen after I hit "submit" except my text disappeared.

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