Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tim Bray - at Google since March 2010

Glad to hear Tim Bray has been at Google since March this year.
I'm always interested in what Google is up to.
I thought my classmates might be interested since we're studying blogging and XML this term.
If you don't know who he is - have a look at his Wikipedia entry.

I just subscribed to Tim Bray's blog:

"If you want to email me, my address has been displayed on the front page of the XML Specification ever since 1997 and probably will be until I’m in my grave. Also, at, I’m “twbray”.
QUOTE:  ( Red highlighting is mine. )
Tim Bray, B.Sc. ’01, is known by most “computer geeks” ― he includes himself under the moniker ― as co-developer of XML (extensible markup language), the encoding language that permits the exchange of information on the web by standardizing information shared among various computer systems. XML enables the e-mails and web searches we now take for granted.

Based in Vancouver, Bray is director of web technologies at Sun Microsystems Inc. and author of the popular weblog “ongoing.” He visited his alma mater in 2005 to help launch Blogs @Guelph, a pilot project for campus users, and last year to speak at a computing conference. Blogging is changing the business of communication, he says, because it provides an outlet for the storytelling impulse in each of us.

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