Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will share MUN XML Books with My Classmates

Tonight I signed out the following 3 books from the MUN QEII Library.
I live in the East End of St. John's and will gladly share these books with any classmates that contact me.

I listed the contents because I thought that the names of people and topics might help my classmates with your searches for articles for Assignment # 3.  I will be looking for 2010 articles to see what some of these people think now about XML in libraries.  People who have been reading my blog know that I have great respect for Roy Tennant so I was especially glad to get that book.

XML in Libraries
edited by Roy Tennant (2002)
Info from Table of Contents:
Application I:  Using XML in Library Catalog Records
1.  Updating MARC Records with XMLMARC / Kevin S. Clarke
2.  Searching and Retrieving XML Records via the Web / Theo van Veen
Application II:  Using XML for Interlibrary Loan
3.  Improving Interlibrary Loan with XML / Kyle Banerjee
Application III:  Using XML for Cataloging & Indexing
4.  Harnessing Oracle and XT for Finding Aid Dissemination and Search / Leslie Myrick
5.  Creating a Unified E-Government Portal Using XML / Lloyd Sokvitne and Jan Lavelle
6.  Expediting the Work of the Indexer with XML / Walter Lewis, Gail Richardson, and Geoff Cannon
Application IV:  Using XML to Build Collections
7.  Using XML to Federate Collections : The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library / Heidi Schmidt
8.  Publishing Books Online at eScholarship / Roy Tennant
Application V:  Using XML in Databases
9.  Building XML Databases with Zope and Castor / Art Rhyno
Application VI:  Using XML for Data Migration
10. Migrating Native Law Cases from HTML to XML / Darlene Fichter
11.Transforming Word Processing Documents into XML : Electronic Scholarly Publishing at the University of Michigan / Brian Rosenblum
Application VII:  Using XML for Systems Interoperability
12. Encoding Digital Objects with METS / Jerome McDonough
13.Integrating Systems with XML-based Web Services / Don Gourley.

Putting XML to Work in the Library
- Tools for Improving Access and Management
Dick R. Miller and Kevin S. Clarke (2004)
Info from Table of Contents:
Chapter 1.  It's Elemental, My Dear Watson.
What is XML? --
Markup Minihistory : Prelude to XML?
Picking up the pieces:
  • Extensible Markup Syntax ; Markup and XML ; Types of Markup ; Elements and  Structure ;  Elements ;  Attributes ; Empty Elements ; Mixed Content ; Entities ; Comments ; Character Data Sections ; White Space ; Character Encoding ; The XML Declaration ; Processing Instructions ; Well-Formed Documents ; Putting It All Together
All in the Family:
  • Valid Documents ; Document Type Definitions ; XML-Based Schemas ; Namespaces ; Stylesheets ; XHTML ; Browsers and Viewing ; X Whatever
Libraries Strategic Opportunity:
  • Generic Aspects of XML
Chapter 2.  "The Nice Thing about Standards ... ".
Getting Started
What's in a Name(space)?
I Need Some (XML) Validation! :
  • DTDs (Document Type Definitions) ; XML Schemas (W3C) ; Relax NG Schemas
Where Do I Go from Here?:
  • Xpath ; Xlink ; Xpointer
Doing it with Style(sheets):
  • Getting started ; XSLT Stylesheets ; XSL FO Stylesheets ; CSS Stylesheets
Chapter 3.  In the scheme of things
Schema Development:
  • The Development Process Step-by-Step
Library Information in Context:
  • Open Content ; Open Libraries? ; Think Globally, Act Locally
Bibliographic and Authority Records:
  • MARC : The Ultimate Crazy Quilt? ; AACR : Fixity versus Fluidity? ; XOBIS : Simplicity without Sacrifice?
Chapter 4.  XML Tools : What Do You Want to Do Today?
Open-Source Solutions
XML Editors : Mark It Up!:
  • Simple text editors ; Jedit ; XMLOperator ; Bit Flux editor ; XML eXchaNGeR (XNGR)
XML Transformers : The Changing Face of XML:
  • Saxon ; Cocoon and Xalan ; Kawa and Qexo
XML Browsers : Not Just Another Pretty Face:
  • Mozilla ; Amaya
Chapter 5.  The Future Is Now : Trends and Possibilities.
Trends and Future Standards:
  •  Xinclude ; Xforms ; Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) ; Docbook ; VoiceXML ; OpenOffice, AbiWord, and Microsoft Office
XML Possibilities:
  • Transitional E-journals List ;
  • Updating MARC with MARCUTL ;
  • Maintaining PubMed LinkOuts ;    
  • MARC to XOBIS in 2003 and Beyond.

Information Retrieval
- Algorithms and Heuristics -2nd Edition
David A. Grossman and Ophir Frieder (2004)
This book discusses XML search so I also borrowed it.

Good luck with the assignment everyone.

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Juanita said...

Hi This is my first attempt at doing a comment posting - hope it works!

You are lucky to have found books about XML. I had to use Ebsco because the only books in my library system have titles like XML for Dummies - great for learning to write XML but not so great for doing a project about XML applications. What I find interesting is that Roy Tennant's name came up quite a bit in the records my searches retrieved. There were quite a few book reviews about what he had written!

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