Tuesday, November 23, 2010

XML & Knowledge Management in Perseus Digital Library

I just found a very well-written, interesting 2000 article on the Internet re the use of XML in the Perseus Digital Library.  I look forward to seeing what this library is like now.

Article Title: "Knowledge Management in the Perseus Digital Library"
Author: Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox; Robert F. Chavez, David A. Smith, Anne Mahoney, Gregory R. Crane.
Publication Date: 24-Sep-2000
Publication: Ariadne Issue 25

Originating URL: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue25/rydberg-cox/intro.html Copyright and citation information
File last modified
: Monday, 04-Oct-2004 12:21:22 UTC
(Bolding and red is mine - I also added line feeds to make this long introduction paragraph  of the article easier to read.)
QUOTE:  ...The true benefit of a digital library, however, comes not from the replication and enhancement of traditional library functions, but rather in the ability to make possible tasks that would not be possible outside the electronic environment, such as the hypertextual linking of related texts, full text searching of holdings, and the integration of knowledge management, data visualization, and geographic information tools with the texts in the digital library.

One of the challenges in building this type of system is the ability to apply these sorts of tools in a scalable manner to a large number of documents tagged according to different levels of specificity, tagging conventions, and document type definitions (DTDs). To address this challenge, we have developed a generalizable toolset to manage XML and SGML documents of varying DTDs for the Perseus Digital Library. These tools extract structural and descriptive metadata from these documents, deliver well formed document fragments on demand to a text display system, and can be extended with other modules that support the sort of advanced applications required to unlock the potential of a digital library.

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