Monday, November 15, 2010

You can read Posts in Many Languages now using Google Translate gadget in sidebar

People can read most of my posts in many languages now.

I added a gadget to put Google Translate in my Sidebar.
I like it and hope that it is useful for some of my visitors.
My stats show visitors from Japan, Romania, Russia, Australia, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Denmark - in addition to Canada and USA.

The site that I found it on has other gadgets as well.

I had expected it to translate the entire blog but it doesn't do that - just individual posts.
That is why I added info above the Google Translate to tell people that it only translates one post at a time - to first click on a post heading and then select the language.

You only have to select the language once each visit.  Then it stays at that language until you choose to go back to the original language.  It's just that visitors have to click on the heading of each post to view that post in the language you want.

I tried it and it seems to work OK for the languages that I tried as tests.

It's quick - a Google Translation bar will appear above my blog and you can see it is searching and then the text will be translated.  You can click on that bar to go back to the original language if you want to instead of using the google gadget in the sidebar.

Usually it translates the whole post but I noticed that sometimes it only translates the first part of some of my Posts.  It must be due to something I have within those posts - I'm don't know why that happens.

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