Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enjoying Open Source XML Editor - XML Pro from Vervet Logic

I am enjoying David Gulbransen's book "Complete Idiot's Guide to XML" in ebook format from NetLibrary.  He writes as if he is talking to you. 

I look forward to reading some of his other computer books in the future:
  • Creating Web Applets with Java
  • Special Edition Using Dynamic HTML
  • Special Edition using XML Schemas

This ebook includes the full text - 336 pages - of the printed book, including the following Part 6 Resources at the end of the book:
  • Guide to Reading the XML Recommendation
  • User's Guide for XML Pro,
  • Glossary and
  • Index.

A CD-ROM of XML Pro is packaged with the original printed version of the book.
E-book readers can download the Open Source XML editor, XML Pro, from Vervet Logic, a company founded by Mr. Gulbransen.

"It is available now, free of charge, to individuals, educational institutions and not-for-profits.
Businesses may continue to license XML Pro for a small fee."

Now that I have downloaded both XML Pro and Java,  I am able to "follow along with the examples in the book" by having XML Pro and the ebook both open on my screen at the same time.

I downloaded the Java Version 6 Update 22 from the following website:

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