Saturday, January 1, 2011

Added Wibiya Web Toolbar to this Blog

Yesterday, I added the FREE version of  Wibiya Web Toolbar to my blog.
You'll see it floating at the bottom of your screen when you are at my blog.
It loads last when you access my blog.

A person can add many applications to the Wibiya Web Toolbar.
So far, I only added 4 applications as buttons - Online, Translate, Share & Games.

There is a Premium version available - some users will pay a monthly charge to gain more features and to get rid of ads. 
So please just ignore any ads, I didn't choose any ads and I don't receive any money.
If ads become annoying, I'll delete the Wibiya toolbar - I will NOT pay to get rid of the ads.

I did not know that Wibiya even existed until came across some tech news while surfing.

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