Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Added LIBS2606 Blogs Created Fall Term 2011

I have added links to the blogs created by students during this Fall term 2011 to MUN LIBS2606 Students' Blogs in my right hand column.  Just scroll down past my list of Labels and past my Blog Archive to view this list. 

These blogs are not listed in alphabetical order.  I chose for them to sort by most recent updates and show the title of the most recent post for each blog. 

While many students each term chose, some students chose the or sites when they setup their blogs.

Only a few of us students had ever blogged before taking this course so it was quite an adventure for most of us to decide which website to use to create our blogs, to select a template, personalize it and post our thoughts during this course.

I think it is interesting to view the variety of templates, gadgets & links on the various blogs and to read the posts of my fellow students.

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