Friday, November 11, 2011

Polar Bears - Beautiful Photos & 2 Webcams

Some of my readers might like to visit this website with its beautiful photos & links to 2 webcams re polar bears.!/photos/player/polar-bears-1

Best Viewing Hours for these webcams are:
Sunrise in Churchill, Canada - 8:30am CT - Sunset 5:30 pm CT!/live-cams/player/polar-bear-tundra-buggy-cam!/live-cams/player/polar-bear-lodge-cam
I found out about this wonderful site by reading CNN online.

Follow the polar bear migration

During the month of November, Live in partnership with will stream live pictures from Manitoba, Canada, of the annual polar bear migration.

An estimated 1,000 polar bears gather each year near the small town of Churchill for the Hudson Bay to freeze over.

Using cameras around the town and mounted on a special vehicle, will provide CNN users with an up close experience like no other. Check the live schedule for times.

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