Saturday, November 5, 2011

Video - Tim Hortons / Starbucks - Rex Murphy

Here's video of Rex Murphy giving his latest comments re Tim Hortons/Starbucks.
It's what he said Thursday, 03 Nov 2011 evening on the CBC National News program.

I don't know how he does it with a straight face - I think it is hilarious !  I've watched it several times & laughed each time.  For the record, I only go to Tim Hortons.  It is possible that Starbuck customers might not find it (so) funny.  They might not find it funny at all - I don't know.

Across Canada, and especially in Newfoundland, Rex Murphy is so well-known that everyone knows who you are talking about when someone refers to "Rex". 

For those of my readers in other parts of the world, here is a link to an article about Rex that was written by Marci McDonald in 1996.

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