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2 MUN Economics Professors disagree publicly re Muskrat Fall Hydroelectric Megaproject

Professor Jim Feeham was in the audience at Professor Wade Locke's presentation.  If you zoom to 128:45 minutes in the video, you can listen to what he had to say.  At the end, it seemed that an invitation was extended for Dr. Feeham to also have the opportunity to present his very different view at the Harris Centre.  I look forward to hearing more from Dr. Feeham.

As a student, I wondered why the 2 Economic Professors couldn't just discuss the issues & try to persuade each other & continue to examine the complex aspects until the issue was resolved - rather than presenting 2 opposing views publicly.  I would have preferred for the 2 of them to debate their views to their peers in the MUN Economic Dept.

On Point | Economics and Muskrat Falls
CBC News
Posted: Jan 21, 2012 3:51 PM NT Last Updated: Jan 21, 2012 3:39 PM NT

QUOTE:     (I did not quote the entire article - bolding & red are mine)
Two St. John's economists have come to different conclusions about the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric megaproject, and their (sic) share their views this week with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's political affairs program.

In this week's On Point with David Cochrane, which can be viewed in the video above, Wade Locke explains how he determined that the Muskrat Falls was the best available energy option for Newfoundland and Labrador. Locke follows up on a presentation he made this week to a packed auditorium in St. John's.

Locke's Memorial University colleague James Feehan, however, has a different view. He feels that Muskrat Falls as proposed should be shelved, with the province focusing on other matters, including energy conservation. Feehan feels that proceeding with Muskrat Falls right now is imprudent.
James P. Freehan's webpage
Newfoundland’s Electricity Options:
Making the Right Choice Requires an Efficient Pricing Regime

e-brief by James P. Feehan
11 January 2012

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