Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Avoiding Latte Cups at Tim Hortons - Required a Tray of Medium Size Cups Today for My Double-Double Coffees

Today I could not get my double-double coffee at Tim Hortons in either the extra-large or large size ordinary cups.

I should mention that I stop each morning at the same Tim Hortons outlet on my way to work.

Today the woman serving me said that the store only had the latte cups in the extra-large or large size.

So I said then pour my 2 extra-large or large double-doubles into regular medium cups - whatever number of cups that comes to.  She figured that would be 4 medium cups of coffee.  I said that would be fine and charge me for either 4 mediums or 2 of the larger size - whichever works out to be cheaper.  She had to speak with the manager for a moment before she could serve me.

Anyway, I tipped her a loonie as usual and left with my 4 medium double-double coffees.

I am NEVER going to accept my double-double coffee in a latte cup.  If Tim Hortons (temporarily) only stock the latte cups in all the sizes for coffee - then I'll ask for my coffee to be served in a Smoothie cup.  I like Smoothies and order them sometimes.

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