Friday, January 6, 2012

Refuse to accept Tim Horton Latte Cups !

Tim Hortons recently added Lattes to their menu offerings in an attempt to attract Starbucks customers.
Time will tell if they have any success in that endeavour.
Tim Hortons launches lattes in 2,500 locations in Canada
Nov. 2, 2011

However, the chain is making a mistake annoying some of us long-term customers by now only serving our extra-large double-double traditional coffees in their new latte cups.  Some of us want nothing to do with lattes !

Yesterday morning, I bought 2 extra-large double-double coffees.  When I was handed 2 latte cups, I said "I wanted double-doubles - not lattes."  The clerk said, "that's what you have, it's just our promotional cups."  I said  "I am NOT going to be walking around appearing to be drinking a latte."  I asked her to pour my coffee into their regular cups.  She said the store didn't have any extra-large regular cups - it's part of their new advertising campaign.  I had already paid for my coffees.  I shrugged & said, "Well, I'm NOT taking them then" and left them on the counter.  I was pleasant - just definite - & still tipped.

This morning when I stopped at Tim Horton's, I said "what is the largest size of double-double that I can get in a regular Tim Horton cup ?"  So today, I got 2 large double-doubles & left happy.

Meanwhile it doesn't seem like the Starbucks crowd is enthusiastic about Tim Hortons offering lattes.  I don't think it is any big surprise that the drinks don't meet their cultivated expectations.  Personally, I don't think that the social divide can be bridged.

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