Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Predicted the Financial Crisis ?

Some of you might find it interesting to scan thru this information:

Who are we?

Wall Street Economists Institute is a new non-profit project. The project started by two researchers studying in the field economics and financial journalism. We were disillusioned by our professors and the academic curriculum at our universities. Many research professors have gotten lazy and some of them take the ideas of hardworking research students and adapt them as their own work. We do not want to demonize any particular professor or university. We just want to prove that we can conduct better independent research and publish the results for public awareness and education.

We are looking for help from other students and professionals. We need assistance in covering additional economists, investment advisors, opinion leaders and their forecasts.

If you have comments, corrections or some valuable information to help us, please email Angela Mokovich or Sara C. at research {at}

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