Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Software Opens Documents Created With Apple Pages

I downloaded the free software called "Open Freely".
Then I was able to open a file with the extenstion .pages just by clicking on it.

Website says:    "The Easiest Way To Open PAGES Files For FREE!"
Their webpage says it opens a lot of other software as well.

NOTE:  I declined various other software offered during this download several times so I recommend reading what is on the screens and don't just click "Accept" unless you decide you want the other stuff.

I was not familiar with Open Freely, so I checked to see what Norton said before I downloaded.
                      "Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site"

Then I wanted to know more about this type of file as it was the 1st time that I had seen a file with the .pages file extension, so I went surfing.

QUOTE:                  (  the bolding is mine )
What is PAGES file extension:

The PAGES file extension is associated with Apple Pages, a word processor and page layout application developed by Apple, which is part of the iWork productivity suite.

The .pages files are documents created with Apple Pages. The PAGES file format is XML based and may contain basic text documents or elaborated multi-page brochures, including images, special texts, tables, graphs, charts and more. The .pages files can be created from a blank page or based on saved template. Apple Pages include over 140 pre-designed templates.

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