Monday, June 18, 2012

Did Nik Wallenda obtain a Nike Endorsement ?

While I was watching Nik Wallenda do his walk, I never heard any comment from the reporters re whatever brand of outer wear he chose to wear for his walk. 

I am still wondering why he would not obtain a Nike endorsement - after all, Nike has a reputation for paying big money to athletes/sports figures to endorse their products.

I am not up on fashion myself, so although perhaps some viewers could probably tell the brand in some of the close-up views , I have no idea what brand he wore.  Whatever it was, it had to provide him with adequate protection from water spray & wind and ease of movement while maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

Seems to me, it is not too late for the company that made the jacket and pants that he wore to make a deal with Nik to feature some of his walk photos/video clips in ads.


The following website has a large picture of Nik putting on Nike's footwear after he completed the crossing so maybe he did have a Nike endorsement contract or sponsor.  If he didn't, Nike should contact him to arrange a contract with him after they see this photo.  I even think that could be a Nike swoosh on his jacket in this photo.

Nik Wallenda Crossed Niagara Falls in Handmade Elkskin Footwear
Posted on 17 June 2012
by Bill Katovsky

When Wallenda finished his Niagara Falls crossing, he removed his aerialist footwear and put on a pair of thick-soled Nike walking shoes.

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