Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dad played "Hey Jude" on Mouth Organ (Harmonica)

I really enjoyed watching Paul McCartney perform "Hey Jude" at the end of the Opening Ceremony.

Somehow, he became young again !  Years disappeared from his face.  I am so happy for him.

By the way, one day when a crowd of us teenagers & our friends were at our house, my Dad surprised us by playing "Hey Jude" on his mouth organ (harmonica).  Our jaws dropped.  When he finished, we asked, "How did you learn that song ?"  Dad just laughed, "They are playing it over & over & over all the time on the radio - how could I not know that song !"  I'll never forget it.  We were all just laughing & talking among ourselves when without saying a word, Dad started playing the song.

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