Friday, September 14, 2012

Dave Gunning & Michael Wrycraft and Royal Canadian Mint re CD "No More Pennies"

At the following webpage by the artist, Michael Wrycraft, you can view the final, beautiful, "fixed" designs for the musician Dave Gunning's new CD titled "No More Pennies".

The Royal Canadian Mint will no longer be producing our Canadian 1 cent coin called the penny.  The coins in circulation remain legal tender.  I think that they have created a very clever and wonderful tribute !

For a while there was a controversy over intellectual property rights regarding use of the image of the penny.  The situation has been resolved.  I did the bolding in the quotes. 


The Canadian Mint requested three changes to the artwork which we were happy to make
The 3 changes were:
1. Only penny fronts can show - No image of the Queen can show.
2. All pennies must be dated 2012.
3. The penny on the back of the booklet had a Yin Yang symbol integrated into it which they asked us to remove.

Website for Dave Gunning

Posted on September 10th, 2012 by Dave
For a while there was a controversy over intellectual property rights regarding their use of the image of the penny.

“All summer, I’ve been mentioning the upcoming release ‘No More Pennies’ at my shows,” said Gunning. “Recently, I was approached by a fan that works for the Royal Canadian Mint. He thought that they might support the project and sell copies in their Ottawa gift shop. He pitched his idea to co-workers and soon contacted me, feeling terrible as I was soon to be in breach of copyright by using the image of our Canadian penny.”

The artwork for No More Pennies was designed with the intention to create a tasteful and meaningful package to pay respect to the ‘soon to be’ retired penny.  It was designed by Gunning and Michael Wrycraft, a JUNO award-winning artist who has created over 500 CD packages for artists, including Stompin’ Tom, Ron Hynes, Gordon Lightfoot, Rita MacNeil, Murray McLauchlan and Bruce Cockburn.

“Over the years, my writing has mostly been in support of the underdogs of the world and working-class folks”, added Gunning. “The image on the front cover of the CD is of a person sitting at a lunch counter trying to scrape up enough change to pay for his cup of coffee. We’ve created sentimental images as a way of saying goodbye to Canada’s penny. On the back cover is a sunset with the sun as a penny setting below the horizon. On the inside of the package is a lithograph image of an old steam train, which is another important part of our vanishing Canadian heritage. The wheels of the train are little pennies.”

Statement by the Royal Canadian Mint
Ottawa, Ontario
September 13, 2012

As a result, the Mint has made the following two decisions.
First, we will allow Mr. Gunning to use the image of the penny on subsequent reprints of his CD's artwork at no cost. We wish him the very best in his career.

Further, we understand that intellectual property rights in Canada help to promote creativity and innovation by protecting the rights of those involved in the creative process, whether they are artists, designers, writers or musicians.  For this reason, the Mint will assess our current intellectual property policy to determine if changes need to be made to ensure that it is being applied fairly on a case-by-case basis while protecting the interests of Canadians.

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