Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting Bachelor of Science program at MUN

Last term, I completed LIBS1610 - Library Services to Business & Industry.  It was the last of the 10 online courses required for the Certificate in Library Studies at MUN.

This term - Winter 2012-13 - I am taking SOCI2120 - Technology & Society as an online course.

I am retiring end of March with a comfortable pension.  Then I will have the time and money to become a full-time student at MUN.

Starting with this Spring 2012-13 term, I will be taking 3 courses each term towards my Bachelor of Science degree.  I have not officially declared a major/minor yet, but I am thinking of a major in computer courses with a math minor.

 I want to take some language courses and linguistic courses as electives.  I took Latin Gr9 through GR12.  MUN has courses in Latin, Greek, French, Hebrew, German, Russian, and Spanish.

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