Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Film - "The Hidden Face of the Seal Hunt"

An important documentary film "The Hidden Face of the Seal Hunt" is being shown in Ottawa, Canada today, Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 395 Wellington, by the Free Thinking Film Society of Ottawa.

On the website it says the film was released in 2007.
There is a Synopsis on the above webpage.

I found out about it by listening to the Fisheries Broadcast of 25 Feb 2013.
I always enjoy listening to Jim Furlong, the host, of this CBC radio program.

You can listen to that episode of the show at the following website:

Monday February 25, 2013
Title:  Tragedy of the Florizel, 95 years ago

from 12:31 to 14:17 in the broadcast
Mr. Cahill, Executive Director of the Fur Institute of Canada,  said that the Human Society International hired the film maker, Raoul Jamphe, to go on the ice with them to film the seal hunt. 

However, even though Raoul Jamphe is a vegetarian, & is largely against animal cruelty, he saw that the Animal Rights groups were not allowing local people to speak with Paul McCartney and that the groups were NOT correct in what they were presenting.

So after filming, he took the film to a private producer.

The film won an award in Europe last year.

Seal meat, sealers, but no McCartney on hand for seal hunt doc screening
by Graham Lanktree
Metro Ottawa
Published on line:  February 20, 2013
Updated:               February 20, 2013   4:52 pm


QUOTE:      ( NOTE:  red/black bolding is mine )
“The scenes of Paul McCartney and his unwillingness to engage with the local
are my favourite,” said Fred Litwin, founder of the Free Thinking
Film Society of Ottawa
which will screen the film about the controversial seal
cull in the Magdalen Islands, Feb. 26.

“He flew in, but He’s not willing to talk to a leader from the community who is
three feet away,” said Litwin of footage of a March 2006 trip McCartney took to
the region with ex-wife Heather Mills to speak out against the hunt. “He knows
nothing about this community and has no interest.”

On hand will be samples of seal meat for the audience to taste, as well as a
number of Magdalen Island community members who make 35 per cent of their
living from the cull, Litwin said, adding that Minister of Health, Leona
, is also slated for an appearance.

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