Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mollie's Dream-re TNR - Trap, Neuter, Release for cats-NL Non-Profit

Mollie's Dream is a Newfoundland Non-Profit re TNR - Trap, Neuter, Release for stray cats.
As much as possible, they try to find foster or permanent homes, or care-givers in their area who will provide some care and affection for these cats.

If you scroll-down to her post "Dreams Really do Come True" - posted 10 Oct 2011,
there is a picture of a boy sleeping with his cat in his arms.

It brought back memories of my cat, Suzie.
My pet, Suzie, used to do that with me.

Suzie was a stray cat that that became a pet.
We already had 2 dogs and a cat and thought we had enough pets.
We started feeding Suzie on our doorstep, then built an insulated cat shelter on our front doorstep as fall came, and finally allowed into our house as winter storms came.

Once Suzie became our pet, of course, we took her to the vet to get neutered and have her check-ups and vaccinations regularly.

I never knew how Suzie managed to get into my arms after I went to sleep without me swishing her but I would wake-up most mornings with her in my arms and her face against mine.
It was wonderful !

You might also like to take a peek at the Mollie’s Dream Facebook Page.

To make a donation to special cases under the care of Mollie’s Dream, please contact:

Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital
Conception Bay Highway, Bay Roberts, NL
Ph. 786-1571

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