Monday, April 15, 2013

Google - Person Finder - Boston Explosions

Cellphone coverage has been shutdown in the Boston area because there is concern that there may possibly be more bombs in the area that might be set off by cellphones.

Google has setup a website to help people locate people who were attending the Boston Marathon or were in that area for other reasons.

You can click to look for info re someone or to provide info about someone.

"PLEASE NOTE: All data entered will be available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data."


Google has a webpage about People Finder - it is similar to a FAQ page .

Google Person Finder allows you to subscribe to status updates on a particular person.

You can subscribe to status updates by clicking the Subscribe to updates about this person button on any record.

If the status of the person is updated on the record in Google Person Finder, Google will send you an email to inform you of the new status.

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