Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Wibiya Toolbar - Translation missing languages ?

I am not the only person wondering why only 6 languages are currently available when a person who wants translation clicks on that purple symbol icon on the new Wibiya toolbar located at the bottom of my blog.

I have been surfing to find out how to make more languages available to my readers.

I don't know yet if Wibiya loads just a few choices of languages & then we have to do something to select more languages or if Wibiya will automatically increase the languages available as time goes by.

I would have replied to Jacob Wyatt (see below) that I am also puzzled, but after I hit reply the website wanted me to sign in.  I am not interested in signing in to the website just to leave a comment.

New Wibiya Bar - Translation missing languages??
Posted by Jacob Wyatt
on April 19, 2013
at 4:04pm in Community Support

 the one problem I have noticed is that the translation app is missing a ton of languages.

At the moment my translation bar only lists German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

What gives?

Apparently the translation bar is still powered by Google, so how come it only has these five languages instead of the huge list that you normally get with the Google translate app?

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