Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wibiya - IFTTT toolbar

Wibiya has changed their toolbar that appears at the bottom of this blog.
I was happy with the toolbar before they changed it.

"A free bar for website owners that helps you create a personal experience for every visitor."

Conduit releases new Wibiya toolbar with IFTTT-like feature that targets Web audiences
by Josh Ong
17 April 2013

Conduit Introduces the New, Ultra-personalized Wibiya Bar for Websites
New platform allows publishers to recognize the behaviors and interests of individual site visitors and deliver actionable content
18 April 2013

“The new Wibiya bar adds a whole new dimension to the relationship between content publishers and their readers,” said Dror Ceder, Co-Founder and VP of Conduit’s Wibiya

“By offering the right content to the right visitor at the right time, Wibiya empowers publishers to strongly connect with their readers, helping build deeper relationships and enhancing the experience of site visitors. 

Many of our publishers, such as FashionTV, are already seeing a dramatic improvement in click-through rate performance, leading to increased 'likes', shares, page views, and overall exposure."

NOTE:  Source: Press Release

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