Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Language Files" textbook as 2 volumes

This Spring Term, I have started LING1100 - Language & Communication - at Memorial
University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN), Canada.

Our class is using the 11th Edition of Language Files (2011).

The manner of presenting info in the textbook makes it a pleasure to read.

However, I found the textbook very heavy.
I would have been happier if it was published in a bundled set of 2 volumes. 

I am 60 years old. 
Now that I am retired with a comfy pension, I am a full-time student. 
The 736 page book was too heavy for me to even hold while reading in my recliner.
I had to rest it in my lap.

Today, I decided to divide Language Files into 2 volumes myself.
I used the paring knife from my kitchen.
My 2nd volume starts with File 9.3

I am so happy that I divided the textbook !  Now I am comfortable reading it.

Of course, after I divided the book, I realized that if I had included only 7 more sheets in the 2nd volume, then the 2nd volume would have started at Chapter 9.  That would seem more logical - as long as the book breaks well at that sheet.  It depends on the book's construction.

Here are pictures of Language Files as 2 volumes.

At present, my Bristol board covers on back of Vol 1 and front of Vol 2 are just blank.
Someday, I might photocopy the real covers & laminate them, and then glue them
onto the Bristol board covers to make my volumes more attractive.

I will be showing my separate volumes to my Professor and my classmates next week.
I will take just 1 volume to class on a particular day and take my 2nd volume another day.

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