Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Watch Nik Wallenda-Sunday 23 June-Discovery Channel

Nik Wallenda is going to wire walk at the Grand Canyon this Sunday.

Sunday 23 June 7:40 ET / 4:40 PT

You can watch "live online show with multiple camera views"

Where Wallenda plans to walk, another tightrope was stretched ( 7 page article )

Wallenda's next stage:  Hellhole Bend    ( 5 page article )
by Billy Cox
Sat 8 June 2013

On page 5:

Outside of my family, there really won't be anyone at the site, and that's kind of the way I want it.”
In fact, media coverage outside Discovery Channel's NBC production crew will be sequestered nearly a mile away, to the west, on rugged Navajo land. Regular spectators will not get even that close because of the lack of space and guard rails. They'll be positioned some 5 miles to the southeast, off Highway 64, where they can watch the drama play out live on a Jumbotron.

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