Saturday, July 27, 2013

Webcams - 3 baby beavers in Eco-Odyssée, Quebec

You can watch the beavers, Boulotte and Peluche, and their triplets on webcams.

Click on full screen of the video player to get a better view of both cameras.
In this extreme heat, the beavers can be seen later afternoons and early evenings.
If you don't see them, click on nursery above to see the whole family dining together.

Welcome page for Eco-Odyssée  ( approx. 30 minutes from Ottawa )

Click    on "Bienvenue" to go to French website,
or click on  "Welcome" to go to English website.
or click on "Castor en direct" "Beaver Live" to go to the CBC-Nature of Things beaver website.

English website for Eco-Odyssée

Discover an environment that is out of the ordinary, at the heart of the Outaouais, just 30 minutes from Gatineau-Ottawa. A unique and enjoyable tourist activity for all.

FAQ webpage

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