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Window Fans - Stay Cool at Low Cost - only $20 - $40 !

Window Fans are WONDERFUL & are VERY inexpensive - $20 - $40  !
My apt is so nice & cool since I got one.

The windows fans are very light weight (plastic) and are just held in position by the window - NOT FASTENED in any way.  It is easy to open your window a bit and lift it out if there is a rain storm. 

If the weather is just foggy or a little bit misty, I will run both of my fans to exhaust air out so that moisture is not drawn into my window fan unit.  My balcony has brick walls on both sides and a roof.  Therefore, usually only my balcony railing gets wet with a little rain on my deck.  I can go outside & enjoy my balcony most of time when it rains unless the wind is from the north direction as my balcony faces north.

I am on the 4th floor of a secure bldg. in a very safe neighbourhood with a private balcony. 
There is no exterior fire escape on my bldg.
I have my window fan setup in my livingroom with both fans blowing
air in and I have the window open in my spare bedroom for air to exit my apt.

WARNING:   Those of my readers who live in other communities or other bldgs where bad people have easy access to your windows would place yourselves at serious risk of break-ins by putting these units in their windows unless you remove them every time you leave your place or go to sleep.  Removal  & placing back in your window is easily done in a few seconds.  It is remembering to always do it that will be the challenge.  Creeps know that ordinary people are likely to forget sometimes when they are tired or in a hurry to go somewhere. 

Some people in houses are able to get enough cooling effect by just the cross-flow of air
through rooms by opening windows on opposite sides of their home.  However, even some homes can really benefit from window fans in hot weather.

The following webpage has pictures & very useful information re Window Fans.

How to Use Window Fans for Home Cooling
Edited by StuRat, Krystle, Nicole Willson, Jack Herrick and 18 others

I agree with the authors that in many cases a Window Fan will provide sufficient cooling.
The Window Fans cost next to nothing compared to air conditioners and the electrical cost to operate is also much, much lower.

I would definitely recommend that people try a Window Fan to see if it would meet their needs before purchasing an air conditioner.

My apt has been very uncomfortably hot lately.
I had been considering getting a portable air conditioner for my apt.
I am so glad that my neighbours showed me how they were keeping cool.


Some of the "box fans" are approx. $20 - $25.
The people in the apt next to me were using a 20" Lasko Box Fan from Home Depot.  
They had their fan setup to exhaust air out their living room window and both of their bedroom windows open to bring air in.
Their apt was so lovely & cool that I went shopping yesterday. 

Lasko 20 Inch Box Fan
Model: 20080         Store SKU: 1000682449
$24.99   (Canadian price)
Price and availability may vary by store.


I am using a $39.54 Pelonis 9 in. Twin Window Fan that I bought at Home Depot
I bought the display model.  The store is not going to bring in any more
of that type this season so the staff person was able to sell me the display

It has 2 fans and panels on each side that slide out to adjust to fit a window. 
There are 4 control buttons
Each fan has a separate button with 4 positions - "off", speed "1", "2" & "3". 
There is a selector button with 3 positions - both fans exhausting air out,
one fan exhausting air out & the other blowing air in, or both fans blowing air in. 
The other button has 15 positions indicated by dots starting small and getting larger that is a temperature sensor and shuts off the fans if you reach the setting that you have chosen. 
(People like that  feature because fans will shutoff automatically during the night if their place gets cool enough and then restart automatically when temperature rises in the  morning.)

Pelonis 9 in. Twin Window Fan
(found picture & description & very favourable reviews on USA site for Home Depot)
Model # FW23-A1
Internet # 100663385
Store SKU # 296224
 $32.96   (USA price)
 For $36.99, at a RONA store , I got a Facto window fan that also has 2 fans with panels on each side that slide out to adjust to fit your window. 
It is "manually adjustable" which means you can remove the unit, turn the unit  around & put it back the other way in your window depending on whether you want it to bring air in or exhaust air out. 
It has only 1 control knob on both sides with 3 settings - just  "off", speed "1" and "2". 
I only bought it because I was unable to get another fan like the one I am using and I wanted to have a spare, just in case.

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