Monday, September 16, 2013

Video-Fairport Convention-"To Althea From Prison"

I enjoyed this video of a famous English poem (by Richard Lovelace 1642) performed as a folk song with video from the movie "Fly Away Home" from the hatching of the baby geese to them flying along guided by the girl in an ultra-lite.

Video - Fairport Convention's song "To Althea From Prison"

Fairport Convention is an English folk rock and electric folk band.
They have been around for 45 years.  They still record, tour, and participate
in a folk festival.
Here are the lyrics, in case you are not familiar with this poem.

 I only remembered the first two lines of the last stanza myself and did not
 recall the name of the poem.

 Stone Walls do not a Prison make,
    Nor Iron bars a Cage;

 When I went to High School in the 1960s, students were expected to memorize
 quite a few poems. Parts of poems stay with a person forever - that is what
 our teachers wanted to happen.

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