Saturday, November 23, 2013

Understand why Michael Jackson liked Propofol

I understand now why Michael Jackson liked Propofol,
It is a wonderful way to go to sleep.
You wake up feeling completely alert - with no drowsy after affects at all.
I can see how someone suffering insomnia with access to a private doctor in their home would choose Propofol.  He could afford to have the very best equipment - same as at a hospital.

Previously it seemed a strange - even creepy - thing to do.
It is a wonderful experience !

I fell on Thursday morning & broke my right wrist.
I am right-handed.
I am hunting & pecking this post with my left hand.

All the staff in the Emergency department at Health Science Centre were wonderful.
The doctors put a cast on.
The cast goes from the base of my fingers to my elbow.

I didn't ask about which bones broke.
They took about 7 x-rays before I saw the doctors.
I just trusted the young female & male doctors to do whatever they thought

I was surprised when they said they were going to give me an intravenous
anesthetic.  I laughed when they said propofol - I said "Michael Jackson's
drug"!  They even monitored my heart.

I have no memory of feeling sleepy & drifting off.
Also no feeling that I was waking up from having been asleep.

When I became aware again - I saw my arm was in the cast.
So I knew some time had passed.
It was amazing - I was just as alert as before the drug - not drowsy at all.

They also took x-rays after the cast was put on.
Afterwards they also gave me 2 bags of saline before I was cleared to go home.

The doctors gave me an Eastern Health To Whom It May Concern form.
I will give a copy to each of my 3 profs on Tuesday when I return to classes.

The doctors said that I will get a call to see an orthopaedic surgeon in
approx. a week.

I rec'd all this care for free because I live in Canada.
We are so fortunate here to have excellent medical care available to all citizens. 

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