Saturday, March 22, 2014

Use Tomnod to Help Search for MH370 - Malaysia Airlines

Tomnod website enables anyone with a computer to help search for the missing airplane - Malaysia Airlines MH370. It is powered by DigitalGlobe.

I only heard about this on the news tonight.
Volunteers all over the world have been scanning satellite photos.

I had no trouble accessing Tomnod website tonight and will look at more satellite photos as days go by.

Below is a link to an informative article about Tomnod.   
(I did the bolding in the quotes. )

Tomnod Crashes:
Website Used in Crowdsearch for Missing Malaysia Flight Overwhelmed
by Zachary Stieber,
Epoch Times
March 11, 2014    Last Updated: March 12, 2014 1:37 pm

"Colorado-based Digital Globe provided the images using its five satellites."

"The site crashed because of the large number of volunteers coming on and looking at the images, requiring the managers to conduct emergency maintenance."

"Any person can log on the website and pore through thousands of high-definition images of a particular region and “geotag” anything that looks promising. A computer algorithm sorts the geotags and a group of experts follow any leads that come up."

"Half-a-million people have signed up, it’s a 100 times the response we’ve had before.”

"The website has been used in the past but never at this large of a scale."

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