Monday, April 28, 2014

Lease LEGO sets from Pley - "Netflix for Legos"

Soon Canadians will be able to lease LEGO sets from Pley - "Netflix for Legos".
Pley offers a new subscription service that’s like Netflix for Lego fans
by Patrick O'Rourke
Published:   March 29, 2014, 1:51 pm
Updated: 4 weeks ago
Pley website
Here is story re why Ranan Lachman, the founder and CEO of Pley started this company.
As a parent, he found many of the lego kits very expensive.
Also his son would enjoy the kit for quite a few hours while building it.
Then the son would want to build something else.

An Entrepreneur Builds a Multimillion Dollar Business with Lego Pieces
by Adrienne Burke | Profit Minded
Friday 18 April 2014     6:17 PM EDT
Unfortunately, we do not currently ship our Pley sets outside of the US.
We are looking to provide our service in Canada and other countries soon.
Be sure to check back with Pley periodically to see when this service becomes available.
You may also keep up with Pley's new developments and updates by visiting our Facebook page and by following us on Twitter!

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