Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ring vibrates & lights re calls-emails-alerts etc

A ring that has been developed sounds useful for busy professional women/moms.
It is said to be a subtle way for women to know who is phoning or sending an  email and will even remind you that you have a commitment in a few minutes.
It can vibrate in different customizable ways and even flash different color lights to indicate caller/sender etc.

You would need to check with your company's IT techs to find out if this ring will  work with your company's and/or personal cellphone.     (This FAQ answers many questions) will "start shipping in Fall 2014"
People can "Pre-order now" at their website:

This Jewelry Lights Up and Buzzes When Your Phone Needs You
by Liz Stinson
10 June 2014

“I’m always missing calls and texts, and it started to get really frustrating to have to keep my phone out on the table at restaurants and in meetings,” says Christina Mercando, Ringly’s co-founder and CEO. “I thought there just has to be a better way.” At that moment, Mercando looked down at her ring-covered hands and had an epiphany: “What if my ring told me what’s going on?”

Though notifications are hardly a uniquely female problem, Ringly has made the choice to position it as one. The rings, made from semi-precious stones set in gold-plated metal, look like something you might find in your great aunt’s box of costume jewelry. They’re clearly feminine, and stylish in a way that says the company is gunning for Barneys, not Best Buy.

Still, the tech is impressive when you consider what’s inside this little piece of jewelry. Bluetooth LE helped the Ringly crew to cram a light, motor, battery and accelerometer underneath the ring’s stone. It’s not a delicate ring by any means, but it’s certainly within the realm of normal. This discreetness was key, says Mercando. “A ring is the smallest form factor, so if you can fit the electronics into that, you can fit them into many different things, like a watch or bracelet,” she says.

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