Thursday, July 3, 2014

Colourful silicon Food Huggers keep cut Fruits/Vegs fresh

It is clever how the colourful silicon Food Huggers expand to protect the cut surface of fruits/vegs.

I just found out about Food Huggers today.
I will look for them sometime when I'm shopping.


Food Huggers are a new and easy way to save your fresh foods until you are ready to finish them. Our patent pending design flexes to fit snugly around fruits and vegetables from kiwis to grapefruits.

Food Huggers create a tight seal by wrapping around your leftover fruits and veggies.
Just pop your fruit or veggie into the closest sized Hugger and save it for later.
Food Huggers are also great for covering open cans and jars to keep contents fresh.
Videos show how easy to use

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