Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Muffin's Halo - device for blind dogs restores happy life

Muffin's Halo - USA-made device for blind dogs restores happy life.

Los Angeles publicist Silvie Bordeaux invented & patented this for her 13 yr old dog, Muffin, after her beloved pet became blind in 2012.


"Patented blind dog product vets and ophthalmologists are recommending."

Videos & Photos of various happy dogs wearing Muffin's Halo
Basil the blind dog bounces back with help from his 'halo':
Invention allows pet to learn to walk without hitting any objects
Four-year-old Corgi Basil found abandoned and blind in Leeds
Couldn't run more than a few feet without bumping into something
Now he can move around again after learning how to use a 'halo'
by Eleanor Harding
Published: 21:42 GMT, 6 July 2014  | Updated: 11:30 GMT, 7 July 2014

The Muffin’s Halo was donated by Devon-based online company The Pet Business, which acts as a UK distributor for the product and has since sold many more.
Kathy Trout, founder of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, said: ‘We’ve never seen anything like it. It’s revolutionary.

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