Thursday, August 21, 2014

Star Trek Catan - Board Game !

Wow - there is a Star Trek Catan board game !
The website has great pics of the game & videos showing how to play.
I don't know if it is available in any stores here in Newfoundland.
Online site price is $55 USA plus shipping etc.

Star Trek Catan
Star Trek Catan also contains the card set “Helpers of Catan” – the set was adapted to the Star Trek universe, of course. The players thus receive direct support from Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and another 7 famous Star Trek characters.
Game Components
• 19  interchangeable planet sector tiles
•   6  part game board frame
• 28  outposts
• 16  habitat rings (for upgrading outposts to starbases)
• 60  starships
•   1  Klingon battle cruiser
•   2  special victory point cards
• 10  support cards
• 25  development cards
•   4  building costs cards
• 95  resource cards
•   2  six sided star dice
•       Rules & almanac
Videos show how to play the game:

I learned about this game by reading Bernice Hillier's twitter:

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