Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alongside Night - the Movie 2014

One of my favourite books - Alongside Night (1979) - is now the movie Alongside Night (2014).
The author, J. Neil Schulman, wrote the screenplay, produced, and directed this movie.
  • Kevin Sorbo                                       Dr. Martin Vreeland
  • Sam Sorbo                                           Cathryn Vreeland
  • Said Faraj                                            Sam Shalhoub
  • Jake Busey                                          President of the United States
  • Tim Russ                                             General Jack Guerdon
  • Garrett Wang                                       Major Chin
  • Gary Graham                                       Lawrence Powers
  • Valence Thomas                                  Tzigane
  • Mara Marini                                         Candy
  • and introducing Christian Kramme as Elliot Vreeland
  •                    and Reid Cox               as  Lorimer

Alongside Night (2014)
Alongside Night is the story of the final economic collapse of the United States as seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Elliot Vreeland, searching for his missing Nobel-laureate-economist father, and the mysterious teenage "Lorimer" whom Elliot meets in a black-market underground, whose own father might be the reason Elliot's father is missing.

The following webpage has an interesting review:
Fade Into Day
J. Neil Schulman's
Alongside Night
Reviewed by Jerry Jewett

You can read quite a lot of the book at this Amazon look inside webpage:
20th Anniversary Edition of the book "Alongside Night"

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